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Arts & Culture:

Purchase a painting, catch a concert. Fall in love with arts and culture in the downtown. Support the arts and support a thriving community!

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Foodie Guide:

We’re all about fresh here at Fig®. Fresh ideas. Fresh destinations. And, of course, fresh food. If fresh is best, you’ll have to travel far to find a place with greater raw materials at its fingertips. Or such a diverse array of restaurants.

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Do you love local? Money spent downtown is more likely to stay here, creating jobs and supporting local non-profit organizations in its wake.

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Even the noblest DIY enthusiast needs a little help now and then. When life happens, call on Doylestown's ready and willing professionals.

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From the hyper-focused to the well-rounded—from arts to engineering—education opens the door to possibility. Luckily for us, Doylestown offers learning opportunities for all, regardless of age, interest, or experience.

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Meet the virtual voices of Fig. Our columnists have something to say, and Doylestown is listening.

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Week of Sunday, September 14, 2014

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Dust off your history books!
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